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Education Resource Academy | We provide Coaching for all subjects of Commerce

A wing,002,Nandanvan Apt.,Beside Life line Hospital,Behind Raja Dairy,near Vachnalaya
2 Minutes walkable from virar Station
virar (e):401305


What is Commerce?


Commerce is the activity of buying and selling, especially on a large scale Commerce course gives students a general idea of buying – selling of goods, provision of services, productions and property, and much more activities. Commerce Classes offer following Commerce Courses:

  • 11th commerce
  • 12th commerce
  • Bachelor Of Commerce (BCom)
  • Bachelor Of Business Studies (BBS)
  • Bachelor Of Management Studies (BMS)
  • Bachelor Of Business Administration (BBA)
  • Bachelor Of Business Management (BBM)

11th commerce classes subjects:

  • Book keeping
  • Economics
  • Secretarial Practice
  • Organisation of Commerce and Management

12th commerce classes subjects:


  • Book keeping
  • Economics
  • Secretarial Practice
  • Organisation of Commerce and Management


Commerce Bachelor Degree:

Commerce degree is designed to provide the student with a wide range of managerial skills while at the same time building competence in a particular area of business studies; Many universities therefore plan the degree such that additional to their major, students are exposed to general business principles, taking courses in accountingFINANCE, human resources, marketing, economics, and information systems. What is business? Business is related with continuous and regular production and distribution of goods and services for satisfying human wants and earning profit. Most Common Subjects in Commerce Bachelor Degree: Book keeping: Bookkeeping is the recording of FINANCIAL transactions, and is part of the process of accounting in business. Transactions include purchases, sales, receipts and payments by an individual or organization. There are some common methods of bookkeeping such as the single-entry bookkeeping system and the double-entry bookkeeping system. Economics : Economics is the social science that seeks to describe the factors which determine the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services.


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