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It is giving us great pleasure in presenting our institution, which has played very important role in imparting quality education in the field of Commerce & Computers since last 40 years. We have earned reputation as one of the best classes and we believe that “Action speaks louder than words“.


Education Resource Academy name has become synonym for success, as we believe that student’s primary need is proper moulding with effective guidance and that exactly is what we provide in our coaching, All our professors are highly qualified in their respective fields and very well known among our students.


Education Resource Academy coaching pattern give our institute the unique distinction of being one of it’s own kind where students can be well prepared in advance for their exams and get coaching for all the subjects under one roof.


With Education Resource Academy’s coaching you get much needed support to turn your dream into reality. We take upon us the responsibility of shaping your future and building your career. Today you can rely upon Vaidya’s for affordable quality education. At Vaidya’s , students success is our aim and reward.


Admission In Progress for 2015-2016




S.S.C. (Eng/Mar)

9th & 10th Combo offer

We also provide professional Courses:





Group Discount Offer

Merit Concessions


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